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Mini Digital Wind Speed Meter Anemometer Temperature Tester

Product Numbers: ANEM-363

Product Specifications: Wind speed 0-30m/s 0.1m/s

Product Units: Temperature -10-50°C 0.1°C ±2°C

Product Remark: Wind chill notification

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Anemometer/Wind Speed Meter With Backlight

Product Numbers: ANEM-2406

Product Specifications: Air velocity, Air temperature

Product Units: Resolution: 0.2º C, 0.2m/s

Product Remark: Low battery indication

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Hot Wire Anemometer

Product Numbers: ANEM-2405

Product Specifications: Air velocity: 0~30m/s

Product Units: Backlight Display

Product Remark: Air velocity, Air temperature ,Air Quantity

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Handheld Wind Meters and Anemometers

Product Numbers: ANEM-4836C

Product Specifications: Air Velocity: m / s, km / h, ft / min, knots

Product Units: Air Flow: CMM ( m³ / min ), CFM ( ft³ / min )

Product Remark: Automatic Power off

2014/10/25Look Select

Handheld Wind Meters_Handheld Anemometer

Product Numbers: ANEM-4836V

Product Specifications: 0.4 ~ 45.0 m/s

Product Units: Separate type design, convenient to measure

Product Remark: Bluetooth data output choice.

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Handheld Anemometers With Data Hold

Product Numbers: ANEM-4836

Product Specifications: remote sensor separately

Product Units: Conventional twisted vane arms

Product Remark: Built in temperature

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Handheld Digital Anemometer/Digital Wind Speed Meter

Product Numbers: ANEM-4826

Product Specifications: 10mm(0.4") 4-digits LCD

Product Units: Low-friction ball-bearing design

Product Remark: DATA HOLD function

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