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Digital Radius Gauge, Digital R gauge
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Product Name: Digital Radius Gauge, Digital R gauge
Product Numbers: MI-300
Product Specifications: 5-999.9mm 0-13mm
Product Remark: China Digital Radius Gauge
Product Class:Measuring Tools > Indicators Series > Digital Radius Gauge
Product Details
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China Digital Radius Gauge, Digital R gauge
While measuring the radius of arc, measuring it using "R" gages commonly, but application range of "R" gages is limited, because it only measure standard radius of arc, and getting data from comparison measurement, so cannt getting accurate data of workpiece. Multi-indicators can measure random radius of arc, apply for measurement radius of arc and plastic mould manufacturing
1. Zero Setting
2. Inch/metric conversion.
3. Data output.
4. Memory Hold
5. Large diplay.
6. Five changeable measuring jaw(10mm, 20mm, 30mm, 60mm, 100mm)
1. Radius Errow   △R≤0.02mm*R/s   R =radius. S=displacement.
2. Angle Error:  △R≤1
3. Battery: CR2032
Four functions:
1. Outside measurement.
2. Inside measurement.
3. Depth measurement.
4. Digital Indicator
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