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40-60M Laser Distance Meter With Bluetooth

Product Numbers: LADM-4804

Product Specifications: Range: 40M, 60M

Product Units: Laser Class: Class 2

Product Remark: With Back Light

2015/6/30Look Select

200M Laser Distance Meter With MOS Smart Platform and Bluetooth

Product Numbers: LADM-4720

Product Specifications: Range: 0.1-200M

Product Units: With HD Display

Product Remark: With Offset value setting

2014/12/8Look Select

100M Laser Distance Meter(Laser Rangefinder) With Bluetooth

Product Numbers: LADM-4710

Product Specifications: Range: 0.1-100M

Product Units: Measuring accuracy/mm +/-1.5mm

Product Remark: Data Transfer Via Buletooth and Bubble

2014/12/7Look Select

IP67 Laser Distance Meter With Voice Data Report

Product Numbers: LADM-4507

Product Specifications: Range:0.1-70m

Product Units: Unit:M/Ft/In

Product Remark: Anti-dropping,Anti-pressing

2014/12/7Look Select

100M Laser Distance Meter(Laser Rangefinder) LADM-4100

Product Numbers: LADM-4100

Product Specifications: 0.05 ~100m

Product Units: 635nm, <1 mw, class 2

Product Remark: China Laser disntance meter

2014/12/6Look Select

Mini Laser Distance Finder(Laser Rangefinder) With 40m Range

Product Numbers: LADM-5102

Product Specifications: Range: 0.1-40m

Product Units: China Smallest laser distance finder

Product Remark: 100*40*24mm

2014/12/6Look Select

70M IP54 Laser Distance Meter With Add/Subtraction

Product Numbers: LADM-4407

Product Specifications: 0.1-70m

Product Units: Volume measurement

Product Remark: Area measurement

2014/12/6Look Select

60M Laser Distance Meter (Laser Rangefinder)

Product Numbers: LADM-4306

Product Specifications: Range: 0-60m

Product Units: Pythagoras Two Points

Product Remark: Area Measurement

2014/12/5Look Select

Handheld Laser Distance Meter_Laser Rangefinder

Product Numbers: LADM-4080

Product Specifications: Measuring range 0.05-80m

Product Remark: Laser level Ⅱ Class

2013/2/25Look Select

Handheld Laser Distance Meter

Product Numbers: LADM-4060

Product Specifications: 0.05-60m

Product Remark: Measuring Unit M,in,ft

2013/2/25Look Select
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