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RTJ Digital Caliper Valve Flange Diameter Electronic Vernier Caliper

Product Numbers: OGDC-12203

Product Specifications: 500mm 1000mm RTJ Caliper

Product Units: China Digital Caliper manufacturer

Product Remark: The angle of jaws: 23

Measuring Tools > Calipers > Outside Groove Caliper Vernier

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Heavy Duty Electronic Digital Taper Gauge Taper Caliper Gap Gauge

Product Numbers: TAWG-72301

Product Specifications: 0.2-10mm 10-20mm 20-30mm

Product Units: Stainless steel

Product Remark: Packed in wooden box

Measuring Tools > Welding Gauges > Taper Weld Gage

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Back Jaw Edge-to-Center Digital Vernier Caliper

Product Numbers: CPDC-11231

Product Specifications: Designed to measure apothem

Product Units: 10-200mm 10-300mm

Product Remark: edge to center caliper

Measuring Tools > Calipers > Back-Jaw Centerline Caliper

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Back-Jaw Centerline Digital Caliper With Conical Tipped Jaw

Product Numbers: CPDC-11241

Product Specifications: Conical Tipped Jaw

Product Remark: Designed for measuring the distance fromEdge-to-Center

Measuring Tools > Calipers > Back-Jaw Centerline Caliper

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Wire Tracker Cable Tester Locator Ethernet Network Tester

Product Numbers: NF-308

Product Specifications: LCD Display

Product Units: Measure cable length accurately and locate short circuit.

Product Remark: Directly hunt 5E, 6E, telephone wire, coaxial cable, USB cable

Measuring and Testing Instruments > Electronic test Instruments > Cable Finder

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Concentration Leak Combustible Gas Detector Gas Indicator

Product Numbers: CGD-01

Product Specifications: diffusion type

Product Units: sound and light alarm

Product Remark: Preheat time: 30s

Measuring and Testing Instruments > Environmental Test > Gas Detector

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DIN Standard All-Screen Display Digital Caliper

Product Numbers: DC-154A

Product Specifications: 0-150mm 200mm 300mm

Product Units: Full Screen

Product Remark: Smooth slide

Measuring Tools > Calipers > Electronic Digital Caliper

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No Tilting Image Zoom Stereo Microscope Rotating Shaft Zoom System

Product Numbers: STMI-8565

Product Specifications: 330mm*300mm big stand

Product Units: High resolution, large depth of field

Product Remark: Illumination optional: LED, halogen lamp, cold light source et

Measuring and Testing Instruments > Optical Instruments > Microscope

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23mm Wide Field Eyepiece Inverted Biological Microscope

Product Numbers: BIMI-21564

Product Specifications: Working distance:72mm

Product Units: Light distribution (both): 100 : 0 (100% for eyepiece)

Product Remark: 80 : 20 (80% for trinocular head and 20% for eyepiece)

Measuring and Testing Instruments > Optical Instruments > Microscope

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Moisture Proof Biological Microscope CMOS Color Sequential Scanning

Product Numbers: BIMI-21553

Product Specifications: Light distribution 20:80

Product Units: Abbe N.A. 1.25(Iris Diaphragm)

Product Remark: USB2.0 connection without external power supply

Measuring and Testing Instruments > Optical Instruments > Microscope

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